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Buy Best Quality Ducting Steel Wire for Flexible and Air Ducting at Discounted Rates Here!

We are leaders in ducting steel wire manufacturing, we offer innovation, quality, and production capacity to our local and international clients. Our years of experience in steel wire field have taught us that a great team needs the latest technology at your service to obtain the best results. For this, we can offer you the highest quality and production capacity.

Anping Yadong Hardware Products Co., Ltd has several years of experience in the field of high carbon ducting steel wire for flexible and air ducting. We also produce chain link wires, ducking steel wires, high carbon steel wires etc. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

We specialized in the manufacture of all types of carbon ducting steel wire. We have always delivered the best quality of products to every customer.

We Offer The Following Steel Wire Products:

Steel Wire for Flexible Ducting:

High carbon steel wire has high carbon, which causes it has high tensile strength and hardness.It is widely used for manufacturing flexible ducting, air ducting, etc.

Chain Link Fence:

Chain Link Fence is made of high-quality, low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum wire hook, its weaving is concise, excellent resistance to corrosion, long service life, and high practicability.

Usage: used for the safety protection of stadium, greening around the block, rivers, buildings, residential area, etc.

Barbed wire:

Barbed wire is made by full automatic particular barbed wire machine. It can be divided into the single screw and double twist.

Usage: used for pasture boundary, railway, highway isolation protection, factory, private villas, banks, prisons, government buildings and other national security facilities.


We always deliver the quality that meets the requirements and quality standards of both our international and local clients in the world. We aim to be the best ducting steel wire supplier and manufacturer of the industry. For this, we always focus on the quality and offer prices that meet our client’s budget.

You can always buy the best quality of ducting steel wire and be sure to get the quality to meet your requirements.

Anping Yadong has a team of highly trained professionals in all our departments who are always there to help our clients. Get a free quote and avail quality that no one else in the industry offers prices that will meet your company’s budget today! [/read]

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